With a capacity to store over 700 vehicles, our automobile distribution compound offers rail unloading and storage services to a major global automobile manufacturer. Our fully fenced and paved state-of-the-art compound features effective lighting, security cameras and 24-hour guard service as well as an experienced workforce.

The compound is equipped with 3 tracks to unload 18 railcars per spot and its proximity to NBM Railway’s other operations allows for additional daily unloading capacity if required. As a vital link in the delivery of new vehicles to dealerships across Atlantic Canada, the compound is accessible 24/7 to allow trucking companies to load at their convenience.


Our Distribution and Reload facilities allow companies to combine truck and rail transportation for maximum flexibility and cost savings where direct rail access is unavailable. NBM Railways also operates two fully staffed lumber and building material reloads in Saint John, New Brunswick and Van Buren, Maine.


We offer:

  • Transfer facilities to and from trucks
  • Full transportation packages from door-to-door
  • One call service
  • Cross-docking
  • Product storage


Our Reload facilities can also handle:

  • Heated Liquid Transfer
  • Specialty Moves
  • Lumber / Building Material Reload
  • Forest Products
  • Consumer Products